Wilma Hayes

Seven Novellas

Seven is such a nice number, don’t you think? For many it is a lucky number; for me it was just about manageable as a set of connected stories to make a Novella.

Each Novella consists of seven chapters or individual short stories all relating to the title theme. Each takes about 10 - 15 minutes to read and is designed to help you on your commute to work or with a quiet cuppa in your busy day. Naturally, add two or three or more together if you wish! All are available as e-books only. They can be found at most ebook retailers (Kindle, Kobo, Apple Books etc)

All Kinds of Sevens

Seven Sisters: A detective has a murder to solve, but she has more than that to unravel.

Seven Colours of the Rainbow: Individual stories about women’s long struggle for suffrage. Warriors all.

Seven Deadly Sins: Everyone loves a good sin. Here are four people behaving badly, very badly.

Seven Dwarfs: A Board of Directors receive an announcement. Incompetence is about to be revealed. Vividly.

Seven Ancient Wonders: Seven people telling stories of WW2 in very different ways.

Seven Ages of Man: Dad collects his family for a weekend. What could possibly go wrong?

Short Listed!!!! Seven Days of the Week: Seven friends are invited to a luxury weekend. Time has changed them all, so why are they here?