Wilma Hayes

Seven Novellas

Seven is such a nice number, don’t you think? For many it is a lucky number; for me it was just about manageable as a set of connected stories to make a Novella.

Each Novella consists of seven chapters or individual short stories all relating to the title theme. Each takes about 15 minutes to read and is designed to help you on your commute to work or with a quiet cuppa in your busy day. Naturally, add two or three or more together if you wish! All are available as e-books only. They can be found at most ebook retailers (Kindle, Kobo, Apple Books etc)

All Kinds of Sevens

Seven Sisters: A detective has a murder to solve, but she has more than that to unravel.

Seven Colours of the Rainbow: Individual stories about women’s long struggle for suffrage. Warriors all.

Seven Deadly Sins: Everyone loves a good sin. Here are four people behaving badly, very badly.

Seven Dwarfs: A Board of Directors receive an announcement. Incompetence is about to be revealed. Vividly.

Seven Ancient Wonders: Seven people telling stories of WW2 in very different ways.

Seven Ages of Man: Dad collects his family for a weekend. What could possibly go wrong?

Short Listed!!!! Seven Days of the Week: Seven friends are invited to a luxury weekend. Time has changed them all, so why are they here?