Wilma Hayes

William Lucas Hayes…

joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force in February 1915 as a private soldier. He ended the war as a Lieutenant with a Military Cross and a German wife.

This research project has been published as a website and is a tribute to him and to what became the Canadian Army; a force, that by the end of the war, had defined a nation.

The pages of this website do not rewrite the history of Canada’s part in the Great War (this has been done admirably well by others) but show how one man’s good fortune and determination brought him safely home again.

They follow him, not only to Vimy Ridge which all Canadians with an interest in War History will know about, but also to the other battles, equally difficult and dangerous, into which he was sent. There were few major parts of the Great War in which he was not directly involved.

Go to www.williamhayes-ww1-wardiary.co.uk for more of his amazing story.

War Diary


This book, which followed a family visit to William’s Battle Sites has been published privately and follows his journey in more detail. Single copies have been lodged with Saskatchewan Archives and the Wapiti Library system.

 WW1 War Diary