Tales from the Welsh Marches

2023 has been a challenging year, but I’m happy now to be looking forward to the new one. It’s always a time for hope for me and this New Year more so perhaps.

Things to Come

FIRST (and a little ahead of New Year) I am happy to announce that all of my published Novellas and Novels are free on all e-readers from 15 December until 1 January.  If you’ve not read them before, now is a time to try them!

There are 7 Novellas to choose from; each made up of 7 short stories. Each story is designed to take about 15 minutes to read. Coincidentally, about the same time as one needs for a cup of tea or coffee or a glass of wine if  you prefer.  

There are also 4 novels, all set in the Welsh Marches where I live. They all contain a mystery or crime to be resolved and have family or personal issues set to confound the plots.

Look for them on this link and search for Wilma Hayes.

SECOND  The fifth novel is nearly finished. This was the hardest to write as it is a sequel to Red Snow. It was made all the more difficult with several non-fiction adventures to research and write at the same time, that interrupted things. But the most irritating part of the novel was that the plot refused to sit still and kept putting more and more challenges in my way.  I think I’ve finally beat them all into position and am now finishing the sub plots before the final editing takes place.  Hopefully….

THIRD   Now that life has settled down a little I will do my best to post more little writings on my Author’s Facebook page (wilmahayes-author) and also on this website.

I sincerely hope that you have a pleasant holiday and a very peaceful New Year.

Wilma Hayes