Wilma Hayes The Author

Royston Thomas has two secrets.

He is an excellent Morse Code operator although he doesn’t think it is all that remarkable. And, he hates the idea of conflict so much that when World War II finally breaks out, he becomes a conscientious objector. These two things draw him to the attention of people he assumes to be British intelligence. They train him in code breaking and Russian. Then send him to Russia, to work on British Embassy radio traffic and to secretly spy for them.

The Great Patriotic War overtakes him in 1940 and like many others he is drawn into it completely. One after the other he loses the morals that make him who he is: his horror of human conflict is dulled by what he witnesses; out of necessity, he learns to accept the machinery of war, strong drink and bad language, albeit in Russian; even his faith is slowly destroyed. He retains his loathing for killing, but in time loses even that.

Then he meets Yeva and loses his heart.

When the war ends, he realises the treachery that he has been subjected to and must find a way to save the things he values most. He must make a difficult choice.

Book Three in the series

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