Wilma Hayes The Author

Mary and Tim have a perfect relationship. But everyone has secrets - haven't they?

, a former school teacher, has decided to go back to work  - as a builder. As the only woman on site, she has some challenges to meet. Tim, a structural engineer who would much prefer to be on a building site, is unemployed - a house husband.  

Then his mother finds out. She takes an instant dislike to Mary and works to destroy the relationship 'for Tim's sake'.

However, her hostility runs deeper than it seems; another mystery begs to be resolved and financial issues sharpen.

But then, Mary hasn't been entirely forthcoming about her family either.

In order to meet these new challenges they have to manage their controlling, dishonest and unstable parents, a sudden marriage, a new baby, a flood, a possible murder and a new professional venture for them both.

And then there are the children, one grown up and the other not...

Book Two in the series

The Welsh Marches Series

e-book title is Secrets, Lies and Legacies

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